You Can Help!


Millions of people are fighting every day for a chance at living the American Dream.



Every day.

And it begins at a young age. Some are blessed to be born into fortunate living circumstances, while others are dragging behind from the beginning. Some virtually have their futures laid out for them, while others need to do a little more searching. Sure, there comes a time where each person must step up and take control of their own destiny, however there are measures that can be taken to expedite that process.

Charities abound. Everywhere. So many people want to help. They give time, money…whatever resources they can offer.

And others don’t.

It’s time for more people to step up, to release their inner hero. No donations wanted. Just time. 2, 3 hours a week is all it takes, and you can make a HUGE difference in the life of a child. Take him or her to a ballgame, to the movies, to shoot hoops. Read to them, help them with their homework, teach them algebra (and then teach me). You’re gonna love it.

Take a moment to think about all of the love and support that you had growing up, and then take a moment to ponder the fact that it’s not like that with every child. You made it. Now it’s time to return the favor.

Go to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters website; find the chapter near you; and go volunteer. You can make a difference, and you don’t have to drop a single dollar.

Just a little time.