Sample Interview Questions

  1. So Adam…you say this project was an attempt at discovering the American Dream. What exactly was the premise of your project? (Answer takes 90 seconds)
  2. Where did you get the inspiration to do this? (30 seconds)
  3. Tell us about your first night. You were alone in an unknown land with no contacts. Wasn’t that scary? (45 seconds)
  4. You spent 70 days in the homeless shelter in Charleston. How was that experience? (1 minute)
  5. What kind of people did you meet along the way? (1 minute)
  6. Where did you work along your journey? (1 minute)
  7. What was the biggest surprise of your journey? (45 seconds)
  8. What was the biggest setback of your entire experience? (45 seconds)
  9. What is the greatest underlying issue surrounding the scope of your project? (1 minute)
  10. What does your project say about the overall attainability of the American Dream? (1 minute)
  11. Things didn’t exactly go as you might have planned along the way. What happened? (45 seconds)
  12. What conclusions were you able to reach in the epilogue of your book? (30 seconds)
  13. In the book Nickel and Dimed, which is essentially the book that you are disproving, the author mentions how difficult things must be for a single mother with two kids who is working two jobs. How does the fact that you started alone play into your story? (1 minute)
  14. So, were you ultimately successful in the end? (30 seconds)
  15. Where can we get a copy of your book? (15 seconds)

To schedule an interview, contact:
Michael Signorelli